#BBBookstagram: wrap-up deel II

Nu is het dan toch echt voorbij…

Het tweede en tevens laatste deel van de #BBBookstagram wrap-up van 2019. We hebben weer ontzettend veel mooie dingen langs zien komen en we willen iedereen heel erg bedanken voor het meedoen. Jullie toewijding en creativiteit zijn ons absoluut opgevallen en hoewel niet iedereen kan winnen, willen wij toch zoveel mogelijk mensen even in het zonnetje zetten!

Doen jullie volgend jaar weer met ons mee?

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Dag 20: Bookish boyfriend/girlfriend
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Dag 23: LOL-boeken
Dag 24: Favoriete LGBTQ+
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[#24] Favorite LGBTQ+✨ ♡ I grew up [i was raised] to see everyone equally. Every person is their own, as I could also be me, my own, growing up. And so to me, being gay or trans is the same as being hetro. You are you, you are loved and you should be proud 356 days a year💕 ♡ Can I just say this though, I miss a gay boyfriend in my life... I fill this void with watching Queer eye on Netflix and dreaming about that one day, I will have a friend like Jonathan van Ness🥺 Like, OMG, we would be great together✨ ♡ Then a confession, I don’t know what LGBTQ+ stands for actually. I will Google it today, but that won’t change me seeing people as people and not as things inside a box or genre called LGBTQ+ ♡ My godfathers, will always be my godfathers and I will always remember them just being there throughout my childhood, and still, being here when I need them to be. And my nephew, who was born as my nice, will always be “just another guy” to me, because that is what he is. A guy, normal as fuck. ♡ It won’t come as a surprise that I have never read a book specially involving LGBTQ+. But now that I own one, I can’t wait to read the Heartstopper books! 💕 ♡ Q - So... to all gay guys out there, will you, PLEASAAAAA, like, do hair with me sometime? And be my best friend? Queen? Yaassss queen?🥺✨[I like, sparkle. OK BYE] . #bbbookstagram #bookstagram #lgbtq #heartstopper #gay #flowers #book #ilovetoread #qotd #blossombooks #bookish #love #read #yasqueen #queen #bookworm #booklover #graphicnovel #equality #pride

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